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Let the award winning Simon Rodway introduce you to London, the greatest city on Earth. These vivid tours take you through the very streets down which hurried heroes like Oscar Wilde, John Lennon, Gandhi, Churchill, Mrs Pankhurst and not forgetting that fatefully good looking British spy James Bond. Take a movie location tour, or a stroll in the park or investigate a London district.

Simon is your perfect companion, a London walking tour aficionado & a superb introducer to this throne of kings, seat of Mars, where 'there is only ever scandal or silence'.

Let's have a good laugh together...


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Walpole called his castle a ‘plaything house’ and in choosing the gothic style for Strawberry Hill he deliberately avoided the fashionable classical idioms of his time: columns, pediments, order and symmetry.

In collaboration with a group of amateur architect friends he based his designs on the architecture of the great gothic cathedrals and abbeys. Strawberry Hill re-opens on April 2, 2011...


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White Tower
Built to strike fear and submission into the unruly citizens of London

Why see it?
For many, it is the Tower of London

One of the most famous castle keeps in the world, it was built, to awe, subdue and terrify Londoners and to deter foreign invaders. It’s now an iconic symbol of London and Britain and one of the world’s premier tourist attractions....


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Experience a show like no other in London -

The year is 1529 and culture has never been so riotous!

Marvel at the spectacle of medieval styled entertainment playing out before your eyes as knights, troubadours, contortionists, magicians, jugglers, minstrels and medieval tumblers all play their part in transporting you to the halls of King Henry VIII in this hugely entertaining dinner theatre experience.

Discover the entertainment and food that awaits you at London's Medieval Banquet, from sword fighting knights & dancing wenches, to contortionists and minstrels....


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Old Castle Street London E1 : The Women's Library is a cultural centre housing the most extensive collection of women's history in the UK. We run exhibitions and events in addition to the Reading Room Service.

The Women's Library has an extensive Printed Collections Catalogue, including books, pamphlets, periodicals and videos which are catalogued and are available to search online....


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The Doctor Who Experience is the ultimate Doctor Who adventure. Part immersive experience, part interactive exhibition, providing fun for all the family as well as an educational experience for school groups.

The Doctor Who Experience allows you to join the Doctor on a journey through time and space, encountering some of the best-loved and scariest monsters from the hit international television series...


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Welcome to another world. VALENTINES MANSION & GARDENS

Discover a beautiful country house and gardens in the heart of Ilford. Visit the recreated Victorian kitchen and Georgian rooms, with gorgeous views over surrounding parkland.

Enjoy contemporary art exhibitions and installations. Explore the stunning historic gardens. Bring the whole family for hands-on games, activities and discovery trails....


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